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Winning the hearts and minds of the people takes intense 
organizing activity and a willingness on the part of th peop 
to get involved and be organized. Both at this time do nofexfst 

becau-Tnl ^LT™™" 1 Cann0t be "P ul,ed off " in America 
because of the anti-mass movement nature of the American 
people {wh,ch stems from their ever-growing apathy) the on lC 
ZZ7 f H r K N M ,0n , a ' S ° Cialist Revolutionaries i, to g i 
Z State th8 ' r 0W " 3rmed Stm " 18 t0 wa 9 fi war «9«iSt 

National Socialist activities have never produced one 
sign, .cant political result in th, U.S.A. Any mob ™ stance our 
people have ever been engaged in has always been a spontanea 
wuphni (like Boston) with the participation and agita no 
no political party or National Socialist activist. They did ° 
themselves and without our help. y 

Organizationally, the Movement has failed to exploit 

tZT tm 9V f 3ble t0 Crea,e " mass " mob vio! ^ again 
r; ,1^7/ Ti Wh6n SUCh PPOrtunities have lingered on 
fuWmty stunts have aways supplanted effective political action 

There has been no arming the students, no burning of 
^hoo busses except by mobs totally disconnected with Nationa 

n S ?° 0r38mzat,0n of mass vi <"*nt demonstrations, and 
no effort o communicate with the people and provide the 
pessary National Socialist Political Leadership to gain direct 
Nationa! Socialist successes. 

In Boston, contrary to claims of the old Party the Deoole 
rejected the Party and if anything desired help from t'he Ku" Klux 
K n, an embarrassment for the Party. This situation occurred 

!«iWi^ — leadership and ,= * 

propaganda and mass organi ? ing did not o7cur Just a f w 

X f e°o r p,? e " eWSPaPerS a " d "° S ° ,Uti0nS f ° r + 2*l2 
As National Socialist Revolutionaries we must alwavs 
keep ,n mmd that nothing we do against the Syst™ can eve 
be conceived as "adventuristic". Militant struggle Ts the key 
to heightening contradictions. It not only strikes concrete 
Mom agamst the State but also builds revolutionary conscu 

-ppen before we can attempt to build our outside power 
•«from which to operate while building a popular ba'se of 

Building a popular base of support will become more and 

n the? uVrX'? ^ ™ "f T ^ t0 achieve as condTtions 
in tne country become worse and worse. 

Our greatest weakness is our belief in our weakness. We 

have to communicate to ail National Socialist Revolutionaries 

ouL«rength_3ndjo show them our strength we have to show 

hernlFe strength orfTgRtTngTKVe ^-m^sOuTirconTicfencTwithTfr 
he entire Movement before we can hope to help people and lead 

those people in revolution. 

. . ,T h3 o co " fi ^ nce must b e ^ed on the idea that as National 
i s Revolutionaries we cannot be stopped by anyone: the 
System the Reds; or the Reaction! This confidence must 
project the image and reality that only confrontation politics 
force and violence, can change the anti-White actions of our 

Only by fighting by any means necessary will we be able 
to. effect political change. We cannot effect political change by 
projecting a phony, bureaucratic, Prussian image and constantly 

Sl^i'?' da , ydre c amS ' SUch as ima 9 inin 9 the masses 
would ever wish to emulate Stormtroopers. It just won't happen 

• »■ L u revo ' ut,ons . th e actual assumption of power are 
instigated by the efforts of a tiny few. Those who could possibly 
participate in such a revolution among the White people in 
America are not like those who participated in past European 
struggles. Americans tend to go against the "grain" on practically 
anything. We are not Europeans and won't respond as 
Europeans. H 

If a revolution occurs in America it will most likely be a 
violent one sparked by one lone incident and not by a prepared 
dialogue of political euphemisms. Until that one lone incident 
occurs White people will never flock to the voting booths to 
place their physical support to the direction of helmeted Storm- 
troopers. They will instead continue to play the present 
Republican ano (Democrat party politics no matter how bad 
things get simply because of their complete apathy towards 
getting involved with their neighbors' problems. They don't 
recognize those problems as their own. 

The old Party could not offer any proof of their ability to 
provide solutions to the problems facing the country, especially 
when the Party had only one or two real leaders With such a 
situation, how could the Party make claims of having the answer? 
I heir past performances -gnwjrjo guiding light at this time 

NSLF believes that it ITHecessary to begin development 
of an armed struggle immediately. We now understand the 
futility jf maintaining the fight for social change within the 
framework of evil debate. Instead of trying to educate and 
organize people who don't see it our way, we write them off 
as enemies and neutralizes of the National Socialist Revolution 
his has marked the ascendancy of the purely militant point of 
view in NSLF thinking. 

We now confine our outreach to the small group of Move- 
ment people we consider potentially militant National Socialist 
Revolutionaries The NSLF feels that since these National 
socialists already know that the System "sucks", all they need 

is a revolutionary example in order to move into armed struggle 
themselves. The NS1F will lead these National Socialists through 
a series of rigidly defined steps, from the lowest levels of armed 
struggle to the highest levels. 

The levels are determined by the violence of the weapons 
used. Rocks and "trashing" are on one level, molotov cocktails 
are higher and bombs are higher still. The highest level is, of 
course, guns. This tactic of levels inclifdes no political guidelines 
or flexibility and almost completely disregards mass participation. 
Levels are defined solely in terms of the weapons used. A mass 
action involving hundreds using only rocks is defined as a lower 
level of struggle than a bombing carried out by a few. 

Leadership in the struggle has to do with making things 
happen. Leadership is the people who are doing it, cutting 
through diversionary debate, smashing forms and familiarities 
that hold us back, and through developing and acting on a cl^ar 
line of how we move to win, redefining the context, content, and 
meaning of the National Socialist Movement and the Revolution. 
That's what we call SEIZING THE TIME! 

NSLF is building an underground army. We must spread 
our efforts to trouble spots in the country, exploiting racially 
troubled areas and establishing bases of support. At these times 
we will continue to fan the fires as long as we can, using this 
chaos to launch armed attacks against the enemy. 

Since our militance is obviously going to lead to a military 
confrontation (probably with the U.S. Army that is growing ever 
Blacker), maybe not for the next few years, then the fact that 
most of the Movement has no consistency of armaments makes 
us fools. So we must build internally during the new few months. 
Therefore we should state publicly that we believe in, support, 
and are preparing for armed struggle; For that is what we must 
do to effect political change. 

In times of revolution, just wars and wars of liberation, we 
must love the angels of destruction and disorder as opposed to 
the devils of conservatism and law and order. To hell with all 
those who block the Revolution with rhetoric - revolutionary 
rhetoric or counter-revolutionary rhetoric! We will not make 
our most eloquent statements in courtrooms and at press 
conferences, but in the streets of Jew-Capitalist America! 

The choice of weapons belongs to him who moves; and 
NStF moves into the streets and we have made our choice of 
weapons and tactics. The weapon of criticism will never equal 
the criticism of weapons. NSLF prefers a paralyzed enemy to 
a well-criticized one. 

Those who can't stand the sight of blood, especially their 
own, should stay home and pray for those who come outside 
the master's rules to "move", to DO IT, and pray for victory 
and not an end to the slaughter. Pray for us to succeed few if 
we do succeed you will be safe. If we don't, then kiss the baby 
gooc bye. 

N S L F 

National Socialist Liberation Front 
P, 0. Box 42, Chiliicofho, Ohio 45601